Update on Primary 1’s “Adopt a Gutter” environmental project. It is week 2 and after inspection it appears the owners of the land have pitched in to help keep their gutter clean! The Powerful Primary 1 Team has cleaned the environment and enrolled the neighbors to take pride in a clean gutter! The class went prepared with rakes, masks and gloves…and swept the area of any lingering trash. They left a poster on the wall to mark the project and to remind neighbors to keep the area clean. I don’t like to be boastful….but …OUR KIDS ARE CHANGING THE ENVIRONMENT FOR THE BETTER! GHANA WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!! HA! (not too boastful, right?  ) Just imagine what they are learning about : Making a Difference Taking Responsibility Planning a Project Teamwork Oh yeah, and a little science too! And the impact little kids can have on a BIG problem! Carry on! Please share this with others….plus for those of you who are sponsors, this is what you are part of…we provide an excellent education and experience for our kids at Joy2theWorld International Christian Academy… Lucky you….you are changing the world and you don’t have to rake the gutter yourself! Ha Ha!

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