The novel coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic that has disrupted the usual routines of individuals and firms alike. Many are those who are bereaved because they’ve lost family and friends. On the other hand, infected persons are also quarantined; we wish them all a speedy recovery, and may the good Lord protect their lives. Let’s all mask up and protect each other.

As a measure to control the spread of the virus, schools have been closed down for many months hence Joy2theWorld International Christian Academy currently isn’t partaking in a face – to – face teaching and learning process. However, to keep our student’s minds active, the school has adapted to the current situation at hand (the pandemic) and adopted a new style of teaching our kids amidst the virus. We term it BASIC DISTANCE LEARNING (BDL).

One may ask, ”What does the Basic Distance Learning entail?” This arrangement involves:

  1. Teachers preparing assignments for students from Creche to Primary 6 – Assignments are distributed to students at their various homes.
  2. Teaching students on WhatsApp. Our teachers group their students in WhatsApp groups where they teach daily.



Joy2theWorld has taken advantage of the sudden lockdown of schools to build our Junior High School block which is still under construction. All things being equal, it shall be ready before our students return in September.


Plans were made to build a single floor building and use the roof as a garden but thanks to two very generous sponsors, a second floor is currently underway too.  Adding the 2nd floor at this time is critical due to the cramped surroundings.  If we waited until next year, we would have to tear up the playground again for construction equipment.  A big Thank You! once again to our 2 sponsors .

For each class, there are going to be two classrooms of students as a measure to control overpopulation in a class now that there is COVID 19 which calls for social distancing.   Students will enjoy more one-on-one training because we have the extra space.  We look forward to resuming school in September if the government gives the go-ahead. In due time we shall come your way with more updates. 

Please do not forget to put on a face mask and adhere to all safety precautionary measures. Let’s all help fight the virus and importantly,  STAY SAFE!