Our annual celebration of Halloween is here once again!!!!!!!!! A really great fun filled event with students dressed up in different variety of costumes, masks on and paintings on their faces.

During this period our students parade in the community singing songs with drums being played.

When we get back to the school, the students get to go “Trick-or-Treating.” Our Senior Director, Amos, gets the fun job of being the “resident” of our cardboard “house” and the students all knock on the door one at a time and say “Trick or Treat!” before Amos gives them their candy!

Amos (Senior Administrator) Trick – Or – Treating

The costumes were awesome, everyone (including the staff) had a great time parading around, and the students loved Trick-or-Treating!

Lawrence & Joachim – Batman & Superman
The Halloween Parade
Clifford & Kelvin – Batman & Spider man