Meet Christian, Joachim, Wisdom, Patrick and David!  They are shining examples how 4 months can transform a child’s life.  They were playing soccer during break and stopped for a moment to pose for my camera…good friends, laughing and playing.  Their education is rigorous too.  They are learning about spelling, reading, counting (and a little adding and subtraction), soil, water and tides. When I asked little Joachim (KG1) “what did you learn today?”, he answered “sounds of the alphabet!”…phonics!  Now I am told, they all speak English outside of school too.  Parents come to greet us and thank us for their children’s education. This is a picture of 3 friends – Mariama (who is new and will get her uniform next week), Gifty and Hannah-Kekeli.  They love coming to school and learning!  Now when I ask “How are you?” They say “Great!” or “Wonderful!” instead of the rote “I am fine”.  Our children are learning to express themselves in class and on the playground. Please help us make a difference in these children’s lives by sponsoring a child.  The tuition is $90 per term or $30 per month.  The families must still pay a small fee to be part of the responsibility.  They appreciate what you are doing and feel as partners in their children’s education.  I am always proud to say “American friends are helping with your child’s tuition.”  They will always remember that.   Character Quality: Beginning this Monday, February 3 we will have 30 students attending Joy2theWorld Christian International Preparatory School!  Our numbers are growing as word is getting out that our students are learning more! We started a new practice to develop our understanding of ourselves and others.  Each day our students choose a character word or attitude to live by for the day.  They can choose “smart”, “kind”, “brave”, “polite”, “helpful”, “hardworking”, “creative” and many more. They learn more about the character trait as well as learn that they get to choose who they are each day.   We are all different.  We all encompass many qualities. Our children are in their second term and learning spelling words (phonics), counting by tens, and learning about their environment.  Our field trip this term is a trip to the beach.  So we are learning about fresh vs. salt water (and safe water vs. contaminated water), fish and tides.  The trip will include a short ride in a boat that takes us to the beautiful, clean beach.  We are coloring pictures of fish and boats for homework.  Word is out that a friend is sending bathing suits from the U.S.! We are also learning about Genesis and how amazing and creative God is to create the moon, sun and all the planets …then the waters …and how tides are created. Here are some of our new students: