Infusing the mind our Kindergarten students with what lies ahead is one important activity that we undertake in the last term of every academic year. In this academic year 2018/2019, we have once again met with our Kindergarten 2 students with the same idea of letting them know what awaits them in Primary 1 after their graduation.

Being a first timer in an activity or doing something makes you feel nervous, tense or anxious. It is a natural emotion among mankind but may pose a factor of setback if not controlled, since you may loose a very important opportunity in bringing out the best in you all in the name of anxiety.

“What really happens during the period of the activity?”, one may ask. Our Kindergarten 2 students are moved from their class to Primary 1 temporarily until the activity is done alongside their teacher. The Proprietress, Director, KG 2 teacher and P1 teacher are all present during the event.

The Proprietress, Madam Kathleen Gibbs is there to physically witness how knowledgeable these kids are, their communication skills and generally if they are really ready to graduate to the next class. Very important!!

The Director, Mary Daboah calls out a student to introduce his/herself after which she asks them a few questions based on their studies. Every single student partakes in the activity.

Mary Daboah standing beside Derrick as he reads a passage

They get to know their teacher-to-be as well.

All this done helps them adapt quickly to the new environment they find themselves(Primary 1 class).