(First posted February, 2013 when Joy2theWorld International School was just a dream.) So many of us are very busy and wish we “just had the time” to make a difference “like THAT”. Some of us think that we don’t have enough money, enough spare time or enough courage to make a difference “like THAT!” But you do. Some of us are great observers…watching from the bleachers…or in front of the TV news. But if you ask those people in the game on the field…they are having the most fun, getting the most joy and satisfaction. You can too. And of course, many of you have many responsibilities that you are committed to and believe that someday, when the schedule and demands are less stressful, you will take the time to make a difference out there. You will. Today, we are offering you 3 great ways to Make a Difference!
  1. You can volunteer to come to Ghana for 2 months (July-August) to teach Professional Development classes to teachers here in the rural community of Ghana.  Many of our teachers have a high school education and are starving for new ideas and new approaches for reaching our children.  The children will win from this too!  If you have some teaching experience, you have a gift to give.  If you want to create your own “lab” or research study, you are welcome.   If you want to experience a different culture over a short period of time….we have it here for you!  You can live in a rural community, meet the community leaders (Chiefs, Assemblymen, Director of Education, etc.), and travel on the weekends to experience the beautiful sites of Ghana.
Your agreement to teach includes room & board and the opportunity to experience life in a totally different culture…an adventure you will NEVER forget! Ghana is located in West Africa, a democracy noted for its Peace and great sports team (soccer)! Yes, it IS very HOT! but August is one of the cooler of the HOT months (12 out of 12)! Contact Kathleen at hmkathleen@j2w-2b5ef9.easywp.com for more information. We will send you the application and travel information. HELP WANTED
  1. This opportunity is for someone with a desire to Make a Difference for children ages 4-8 who need preparation to attend 1st grade. These children lack the support at home to learn what we take for granted….they need to know their colors, numbers and even the self discipline to be in a classroom. They come from loving homes but their parents are probably illiterate and poor.
We have an opening for an Early Child Education Teacher or teacher assistant (and now, a 1st grade teacher!) willing to commit to one year of teaching young students. This is a longer commitment and will require some “rolling up of our sleeves” and transformation. You will work closely with a Ghanaian teacher….after all, our children need to be taught Ghanaian culture along with their numbers, right? So the opportunity is for this volunteer to learn so much about Ghana, children and love here. For those of you out there who need work but can’t find a job right out of college….imagine this international experience on your resume! But the greater experience is meeting and living among wonderful Ghanaian people. Come join these teachers for the summer (Professional Development Classes) or for the next school year. LAST, BUT NOT LEAST…
  1. And yes, this is a stretch! We are building a school to open (Phase 1) in early, 2015! If you want to physically take part in the construction, building bricks, masonry, carpentry, and all those wonderful skills that you know like the back of your hand…and maybe mentor some young Ghanaians in these technical skills… We welcome your engineering and environmental experience.
You are wanted and needed here! You can choose to bring your favorite tools (within reason, of course!)  Some of our kids have seen pictures of tools…but never had the hands on training you could offer. Tech (shop!) classes are taught with Theory…pictures but no equipment. This opportunity will open soon and be ongoing. You can come on your 2 week vacation, or for much longer…of course! Consider these invitations to get in the game! Yes, you will be responsible for your airfare, some personal expenses. But what you will get in return will far exceed anything you spend. If you think true happiness comes from reading an article in a magazine, think again. You will find happiness from giving of yourself. You can make a huge difference in the lives of others here. I promise. So, get off the bleachers and on to the field…. Of course, if you wish to donate to any of these projects…your donation is greatly appreciated! All of these need financial support and we count on our friends to help us. Please use the DONATE button here on this website…you can even designate the area you would like your donation to be applied… Questions? Contact Kathleen at hmkathleen@j2w-2b5ef9.easywp.com

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