The children have fun in the pool by splashing water on them, laughing, happy with each other by swimming; in fact the children really enjoyed the pool. It’s something they do not have in their homes, or in their community. So once the school (Joy2theWorld) provides the pool for the children, they really enjoy themselves. Here in Ghana about 98% of the schools do not have knowledge in these activities called swimming for fun or building a pool for their learners. But once in a while the learners should have a break from books, from class and have some fun by floating in the pool, splashing water, in fact, a lot of splashing. Teachers were around to supervise the children so one will not be hurt.

     Finally, the children had very good time in the pool. 

These children have great time together
Ariel Owusu enjoying the swimming
From left Shenel, Ennabel and Felicity splashing water all over.
From left Mercy, Beatrice, Mbrosiwaa and Veronica enjoying the water.
Nathaniel having quiet time in the pool
Jesussa, Alice and Blessing great friends relaxing in the pool.

The children really enjoy the swimming because they loved it.