P5 and P6 students were given the opportunity to enjoy a field trip to the beach! After watching programs and adventures on the Save the Seas website, our students decided to making a difference for Ghana. With 2 buses packed with lunch, water and other supplies, the group prepared to pick up trash from our shore. It’s refreshing to be able to give back after so many of our sponsors have given to us.

We contacted Voltic, a very large distilled water supplier (and our neighbor) to join us and they were excited to be part of our field trip. After all, the environment is very important to them as well! In fact, they supplied the necessary water, huge plastic collection bags, gloves and even two reps to join us on the bus.

The students took their assignment very seriously but they also included fun! They enjoyed a skip along the shore and posing for the camera too!

The team leaving for the beach field trip. Fully prepared with Voltic water, plastic bags, gloves and lunch!
Surveying the massive tasks, the team approaches the shore and prepares to work!
Wrapping up the day with a large collection of results, a sense of satisfaction and good team spirit!