After a class learning “skeptical” and “gullible” the student who participated the most in each class won a chance to eat lunch with the school proprietress, Madam Kathleen. They had an interruption-free hour to eat and ask questions.

Lunch was ham and cheese on crackers with English mustard and mayonnaise. A tangerine was for dessert.

Kezia (P4) was telling a story about a prisoner who was caught for doing very bad things. He told the police how he was much better now, a better citizen and they should let him go. Elvis (P3) interrupted with his opinion “then the police were too gullible!” Augustine (P5) agreed.

I think they learned their lesson!

The students were very interested in this class lesson because I told the story behind the saying “don’t drink the Kool-Aid”…a true, fascinating story to primary class students.

Written By Kathleen Gibbs.

Elvis Henyo eating lunch
Kezia Athur eating Lunch
Prayer Before Meal

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