Rose is a member of our Entrepreneur’s Club. She bakes pastries for us when we hold our Open Forums. This means she is baking at least 150 pastries to arrive by 9 a.m. These pastries are filled with a little meat, which was a surprise for me. I was expecting a fruit turnover. This trip I carried two cans of cherry pie filing and I gave both cans to Rose the day before the Open Forum. I asked her to try filling some of her pastries and slipping me a sweet one the day of the Forum.   Something tells me that her children shared the cherries because my pastry only had the cherry juice…no cherries! Rose lives in Kotoku a short drive from Mary Hogli. Matthew and I went for a walk to see Rose’s home and meet her family. What we found out was that when Rose baked the pastries, she had to borrow the oven of a neighbor who lives quite a distance. I decided that to make the process easier for Rose and to support her baking business, we should look into purchasing the used oven. She needed her own oven close to home. Fortunately I met the woman who was kind enough to lend Rose the use of her oven. How much would you charge for this used oven? Two hundred GHC (about $150.00). I don’t think I have seen Rose smile so much and so wide! The next day we met with Martin, Rose’s husband who is a very kind man. He had cleared a special area for Rose to build her bakery. He assured me it was safe and we took many pictures to commemorate this important event! We spent some time with Martin who is a pastor of the Christ Ministry Church. He provided us a blessing and prayed for our good health.  This was especially meaningful to me since I was still suffering from my surgery. The throbbing actually stopped and I have not had any problems since my blessing. It really wasn’t a lot of money but it will make all the difference for Rose. She will be able to grow her baking business. Rose also has a shop to sell fabrics and clothes in her community. Matthew rode the train with Rose, Martin and her son to shop for fabrics in the Accra Markets. They will pick up the train at 6 A.M. to Accra for a shopping trip.

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