Students were introduce to Robotics and Coding Engineering programming. These students learn how to solve complex problems by breaking coding into smaller parts. Having children learn how to code now prepares them for the future and also develops them to appreciate evolving technologies. Aside from learning to code, the student learnt some skills, creative thinking, structure, logic, algorithmic and sequencing . Coding is fun and rewarding for young people.

Introducing such programs to the children helps them to be experts in coding activities such as animating characters, drawing shapes, making an automatic grading system, etc. With its clear explanations and a variety of exciting coding activities help students develop basic coding skills and computational thinking. The activities in this curriculum help the children to develop skills such as problem-solving and debugging techniques, DIY-ing, teamwork and creativity.

Junior High School in the process of Robotics and Coding Class.
After the completing this curriculum, students have a basic understanding of electronics, circuit design, actuators and sensors with the help of a wide variety of STEM activities.