Seems like only yesterday, but actually it was a month later that Joy2theWorld International Christian Academy survived the final exams, prepared the report cards, tallied the “Top Ten” list all for the year 2021!

We are posting the pictures because the faces are different even if the graduation gowns look the same. We know you’ll enjoy the grads, the modeling, the dancing and the recitations. Come January 2022 we begin a new month, a new year and a fresh, bright future!

Lots of pictures, lots of grads and then suddenly with a snap, we were transported to a Paris runway as our students became famous runway models in the latest fashions. This portion is fun for all of us and especially for the parents. Some students designed their outfit, mothers and aunties sewed and stitched for a beautiful display. Later in the school day, the music rises and students are practicing their turns. Another group is practicing their dancing moves. God bless all the teachers and staff who worked so many hours to ensure a perfect production of entertainment!