Reading brings knowledge and knowledge is power; therefore reading is power. Our Primary 6 students recently began reading a book titled 12 RULES FOR LIFE, an antidote to chaos by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson.

Kathleen Gibbs – President of J2W introduced the book to our primary six students after she read a couple of pages. “The book is inspiring”,she realized. Preparing our students for the life, this book could facilitate our aim of enlightening them for the future. Hence, she then contacted Mr. Peterson for copies and surprisingly, he replied and generously donated about 20 copies for each student in the P6 class.

As the book is quite challenging, she guides them read on Tuesdays and Thursdays during her class hours. Our students are progressing gradually on their quest to discover the 12 Rules For Life.

Kathleen Gibbs Guides P6 Students As They Read.
David Mantey & Vladimir Tetteh reading 12 Rules For Life.