Parents and teachers have gathered once again to discuss issues related to the welfare of Joy2TheWorld International Christian Academy. The turnout was great with almost 100 parents making it to the meeting.

Here is a quick rundown on what was discussed:

Joy2TheWorld as an NGO does not operate with a profit motive. Our aim is to provide good quality education to children in Ghana. However, as prices shoot up, our expenses shoot up as well, hence the need for a slight increment to our tuition fees for the school to be able to run.

Mary Daboah (Director) Speaks To Parents

Did you know? ….. Our new board here is going to remind us often of the cost, expenses, and any other information regarding the cost involved in the school’s operation. On the PTA grounds, the new board was upstanding with the expenses of the school. This caught the attention of parents as they walked in to take their seats.