Our school bus!

Joy2theWorld International Christian Academy has a vision to prepare our students for college, giving them the tools to compete with students educated in affluent schools in Accra, Ghana’s capital. With the help of our donors, we have purchased a bus and constructed a building which allows us to expanded our grade levels from Nursery-Upper Primary to Junior High!

We are ecstatic to continue our students’ education through Junior High to best prepare them for college.

Our next step is purchasing another bus! A second bus would help us reach more students and reduce our long commute by splitting up our bus route between two busses.

Our new Junior High!

Additionally, we are looking forward to more growth by 2025! We currently rent space for our Primary school which has given us an excellent place to grow and thrive. However, as our school grows, the need for a place of our own becomes more and more apparent.

We are working towards a goal to purchase our own property and build a new Primary school by 2025! This will allow us more flexibility and room to grow in the future!

Please consider donating to help us reach this lofty goal!

School Bus Donation:

School Property Donation: