In times of strife, the heroes step up and naturally shine. The cream rises to the top!

At Joy2theWorld International Christian Academy our staff stepped up. We know there are families who depend on hot lunches served at school. Some families were struggling beyond their usual poverty and unable to purchase a cup of rice for the evening meal. Small shops were closed so mothers who were traders had no work.

So we purchased 24 boxes of supplies to distribute to families for a short time. Rice, tomato paste, spaghetti, juice, milk, oatmeal, sardines, mackeral, peanut butter, bread and a crate of (30) eggs were gathered for these families.

Staff members Ben, Aaron and Amos worked to coordinate the delivery of groceries to 24 families.
Not an easy task as many families live in off-the-road sites so our tricycle (truck) is critical (how did we ever live without it?)
Of course there is another team who shopped for 24 families! I traveled to Achimota ShopRite and my driver, James pushed the carts (4) while I said “24 of this, 24 of that!” He would grab the soaps, hand sanitizers, and groceries… in mass quantities. We were approached by security a couple of times concerned for hoarding! Soon they realized we were shopping for many and all these items were necessary.

It’s good to know we have these “heroes” who step up to complete tasks above and beyond their usual duties.

Parents were extremely grateful. I received phone calls and texts of “thank you’s”.

And isn’t it God’s way that we received a donation later from First United Method Church of La Porte in response to our work. As it turns out, the donation covered the costs of groceries plus !

Our tricycle purchased last September. How did we ever live without it?