The 5-year anniversary celebration was a blast!  There was dancing, singing, plays, skits, and a C-A-K-E!  This cake was awesome!  The bakery digitalized pictures from previous years….including students, staff and yours truly…and they were perfectly placed on top! The First United Methodist Church visited us for a week or so and even the Mission Team participated in our celebration. The students prepared their choreography and skits for entertainment.  Dancing was the highlight for some classes while our P4 and P5 presented “The Good Samaritan” for all to learn about caring for our neighbors. Our “robbers” attacked an innocent man and left him hurting…a priest walked by but walked to the other side of the street…so too a Levite saw the hurt man and crossed to the other side…But a Samaritan saw the man and took pity upon the man.  He (she) went to him and bandaged his wounds…and then took the hurt man to an inn to be cared for…”  Our “Good Samaritan” was Shalom Gordor and she took good care of the hurt man.  This is always a valuable lesson for today as we learn to care for our neighbor. Here’s a glimpse at our 5-year celebration…you’re invited!