Money Management is a program here in Joy2The World International Christian Academy which aims at teaching all primary students ( Primary 1 to Primary 5) within the ages 6 – 13 how to manage money properly.

Students earn an amount of GHC 5 at the end of the week (On Friday) as long as they comply with the following:

Daniel, Benjamin and Aaron conducting Money Management
  1. Come to school throughout the whole week ( That is Monday to Friday)
  2. Complete and submit homeworks all throughout the week.
  3. Be punctual to school everyday.

For everyday a student fails to comply with any of the above, a cedi is deducted from his or her money on Friday during Money Management.

For Example: If Samuel fails to be punctual to school on Monday and Thursday, then GHC 2 is deducted for failing to be punctual for two days which is Monday and Friday.

Aaron Ayuu is one of our office staff members who helps conduct The Money Management program

Basically, that is how they earn their GHC 5 per week.

Out of the GHC 5, 10% which is GHC 0.50p is offered as Tithe to God, GHC 3.50 is offered to the student’s College fund if the student chooses not to take the money home. However, other students prefer sending part of their money home so therefore offer only GHC 1.00 for college ( It is the student’s choice to take money home or not ) College fund is the portion of money set aside to be given to the student when he/she reaches graduation to college. Also every student donates GHC 1.00 into their Community fund. Lastly, the “Take home money” is the amount remaining that the student takes home after the Tithe, College Fund and Community fund is taken out.

Benjamin And Daniel also partake in the money management program

The money management program aims at teaching our kids how to save and spend money wisely.