The world as we know is gradually evolving technologically in every aspect of life. The Computer age is characterized by the rapid shift from traditional industry to an economy further based upon Information Technology(I.T.)

As a result Mathematics and Science is a very key discipline that is undertaken in every school.

Here at Joy2TheWorld, our Primary Students are now used to the routine of taking Monday Morning Quiz which entails questions on their maths lessons taught in the previous week.

There’s also the STEM CLASS Program (*Science*Technology*Engineering*Mathematics) . In our academic studies Maths and Science are very crucial subjects and so clearly you can see we focus attention on developing our students in these two areas of academics.

Mezzo Maths programme, a pragmatic teaching of mathematics with the aim of inculcating the love of the subject among learners.

Mezzo Maths is a purely mathematical programme developed by Mezzo HOUSE Limited, a professional organization managed by a group of Ghanaian Mathematical Professionals headed by Rev. Peter Osei Akoto and also affiliated to the Ghana Mathematical Association.

Joy2TheWorld has employed the services of Mezzo House Limited to come teach Mezzo Maths to our students. Hence, a Mezzo Maths teacher has been assigned to teach here at J2W twice in a week.

We provide all these measures to enhance excellence in their academics which eventually produces positive outcome.

Mezzo Maths Teacher In Class