KG 1 pupils had a practical demonstration on eating a balanced diet on Friday, 18th March 2022.

The kids learnt that a balanced diet is made up of food from the six food groups, such as starch carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, proteins, dairy, healthy fats and calcium rich food. Each provides the range of vitamins and minerals our bodies need to function efficiently. A balanced diet reduces the risk of diseases such as diabetes, obesity and high pressure.

The kids study the importance of eating a balanced diet.

The kids were taught that eating a balanced diet is important because it supplies the nutrients our body needs to work effectively. Without balanced nutrition, your body is mostly prone to disease, infection, fatigue and low performance, also those who do not get enough healthy foods may face growth and developmental problems, poor academic performance, and frequent infections.

The ingredients the children used for the practical.

  1. Whole-grain (white rice)
  2. Cooking oil
  3. Fresh tomato
  4. Pepper (both red and green)
  5. Cabbage
  6. Onion
  7. Lettuce
  8. Carrot
  9. Cucumber
  10. Baked beans
  11. Salad cream
  12. Corned beef
  13. Sardine
  14. Ginger
  15. Garlic
  16. Pineapple
  17. Coconut
  18. Apple
  19. Grapes
Lordina with some vegetables
Jadyen with vegetables
Teachers demonstrating with the kids at the end of the practical.
Zachariah with some vegetables and fruits

Iman and Sedinam

The children had fun.