Moving forward in terms of development, Africa, Ghana to be precise needs technological improvement to meet the global standard.

As part of the possible realization of this ambition, Kantanka Automobile Company Limited, Ghana’s pioneer of automobile manufactury specializes in the manufacturing of on-road and off-road vehicles that meets the challenging nature of the Ghanaian and African terrain.

Moreover, they manufacture amazing technological products such as smoke detectors, human – sensor solar panels, electrical appliances controlled by smartphones, incubators for premature babies and those for poultry production, musical instruments among others.

In addition to all this, they have an animal sanctuary in which there are peacocks, horses, donkeys, zebras, hawks, monkeys, porcupines, and ostriches.

The core purpose of this trip is to motivate and inspire our students to aspire beyond measure and to work hard towards the realization of their dreams. “The Attainability Of Our Dream Is Possible” is the mindset we are instilling in our students. Most of our students dream of becoming successful persons in the near future. We have potential engineers, computer technocrats, astronauts, and many more.

The last part of the tour as well as the fun aspect was Horse Riding.