Cooking is the practice or skill of preparing food by combining, mixing and heating ingredients. Most people think cooking is done by only women or ladies. But in today’s world, cooking is for everyone! As part of the topics in the JHS 1 Basic Design and Technology (Home Ec) subjects, the students donned an apron and prepared a meal from start to finish! It is fair to say that the students had fun as they learned their practicals! The teacher, Sir Jacob Gbertey, grouped the students into competitive teams as they prepared their Ghanaian dishes.

The strategy was to present the list and budget of food items to Madam Kathleen. After approval, the students prepared the details. Included were groceries of course, but also the items for cooking, and for presentation.

At the end of the cooking contest, Group Four became the winner among the other groups.

All the students learned a lot from this contest and would love to be in the kitchen to help prepare dishes or prepare a dish when they are hungry in the absence of their parents.