Joy2theWorld is excited to announce (near) future plans to build a new, safer building on land purchased by generous donors. This is unique to Ghana and has raised a few eyebrows (!) but we will be using recycled plastic drinking bottles filled with sand as the walls and pillars of our school.

Here is a picture of the future school building:

Future administration building and school for Joy2theWorld International Christian Academy

We will be using recycled water bottles, filled with sand and secured by wire and plaster. This is how the structure of the walls will look like (before the final plaster):

Recycled plastic water bottles, filled with sand, secured by wire will reduce the mountains of litter here in Ghana!

While the process is labor intensive, the details, measures and standards are very specific. The building of the proposed administrative building (above) used 43,000 recyclable water bottles. Imagine how this reduces the massive consequences of plastic bottles left on the street and on the beaches!

The same process will be used on classrooms (see picture below). It was confirmed by the Industrial Engineers in Amasaman (Gh) that these buildings are completely safe and secure.

A beautiful classroom designed from recycled plastic bottles.
Inside the classroom designed and built with recycled plastic bottles.