School Bus:

For many students, the only way to get to J2W is to cross an incredibly busy road. Giant trucks, speedy taxis, and reckless drivers and motorcycles fly past the school constantly.

The bus J2W hopes to purchase

Some parents in the area refuse to allow their children to attend our school since these roads, which have already claimed the lives of children in the community, stand between their neighborhoods and J2W.

Joy2theWorld has the goal to eliminate the need for our students to cross this road by transporting them on a bus from their neighborhoods to our school.

With the purchase of a bus, we could reach not only children in Medie, but also those who live outside the walking radius of the school.

Although a decent expense ($18,000), safety for children in our community is paramount and we are dedicated to protecting our students.

We hope that you will consider helping us achieve this goal!


Donate for Safe Travels

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Donation Total: $10.00 One Time



Specific Needs:

In addition to large goals, it takes many smaller individual expenses to keep our school running. Please consider helping us meet the specific needs of our school!




Cleaning supplies- $35

Help our cleaning team keep our school spotless for one month.



Books- $45

Purchase textbooks and exercise books for a student for one school year.



Medical Kit- $65

Purchase one month’s worth of medical supplies and supplement medical expenses for J2W.



Field Trip- $250

Make it possible for J2W to take students on a field trip!


Any donation amount helps! Thank you for partnering with us!


Specific Needs Donations

$ 35.00
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Donation Total: $35.00 One Time


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