Financial Donations:

We are currently seeking donors to help us build a new school for our students so that we can help as many students as possible. Our current school is at max capacity with a long waitlist. We purchased land and are now in action! The fence is now 60% complete. It is being built with plastic water bottles, provided by Voltic Water Distributors, filled tightly with sand. Plastic exists in bottle form for over 300 years before it deteriorates. We are recycling and removing bottles from sight! The building is very secure and it is going quickly. We are making progress, but need your help to complete it! 

Item Donations:

With limited finances and resources, our school is always in need of donated items. Blue jeans in children’s and youth sizes, kid’s shoes, soap bars, and school supplies are always welcome. We also celebrate Halloween on October 31st, so seasonal donations of appropriate kids Halloween costumes and non-melting candy are appreciated as well!

If your organization or church would like to run a donation drive, please feel free to Contact Us for our PO box number.

If you want to help us purchase the items our school needs regularly, please visit Designated Donations for our specific needs catalog!

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