KATHLEEN GIBBS – PRESIDENT Kathleen Gibbs –Founder and President of Joy2theWorld since 2008. While working for Farmers Insurance Group (2005-2011), Kathleen traveled to Ghana, W.A. to volunteer and learn more about micro-loans in 2008. She returned from this excursion and began building teams to create a micro-loan non-profit named Joy2theWorld Inc. During the initial 5 years of Joy2theWorld (and while still working in the U.S.), Kathleen determined the need for micro loans in 4 rural villages in Ghana, created multi-cultural relationships to develop agreement between need in Ghana and funds in the U.S.; and developed multiple teams willing to work and travel pro bono to fully utilize their skills to train and develop Ghanaians. She generated funds and donations to support the micro loan program through Joy2theWorld. Kathleen hired and trained 2 local (Ghana) staff to provide loan administration and program management. She was responsible for developing an environmental plan for water, sanitation and public health to include a well for water, latrines for girls, etc.; generating cooperation with the local government to provide 173 malaria nets for children under the age of 5. In addition to more than 1,000 micro loans, Kathleen developed a scholarship program for children, personally funding over 125 scholarships for the children of clients. Kathleen traveled back and forth twice each year (January and August, 2007-2011) to manage and support the existing Ghanaian team. On these trips, special events were coordinated to provide education, medical exams and to further expand the cooperation between the Ghana community and Joy2theWorld. During these years, Kathleen prepared documents for official U.S. 501c3 as well as the required NGO status, generating a Board of Directors, reporting structure, banking documents and operating budgets in both countries. She built the original website and developed a blog for interested donors. Kathleen officially retired August, 2011 to permanently live in Ghana with the intention of completing the micro loan program. She discovered that while scholarships for children were helpful, they did not provide a consistent path to fight illiteracy and poverty for the “brilliant but needy” children of rural Ghana. Noting that children were walking through an open neighborhood toxic waste dump, Kathleen, a Rotarian, generated a “Sanitation Project”. This project was designed to eliminate this health hazard. In addition, the project included the renovation of a public W.C. for Medie as well as education for the community on health issues related to open toxic waste dumps. Teams were developed and managed for the year-long project; funds were coordinated and provided through Rotary International, a U.S. Rotary and the local Rotary and further cooperation with local governments to accomplish this huge task. The cleared property is now being developed by local governments to provide Medie’s merchants an open market place. Through Joy2theWorld, Kathleen established and developed Joy2theWorld International Christian Academy in rural Medie, Ghana. Over 90 students are now enrolled in Joy2theWorld International Christian Academy classes from Nursery through Primary 1. Under Kathleen’s supervision, the staff of 8 teachers, 4 helpers and 4 administrative staff works together to provide a powerful education for children, creating and empowering them as future leaders of Ghana. Kathleen continues to live in Ghana. She is responsible for managing the legal responsibilities and accountabilities to the various Government agencies as well as managing the day-to-day activities of the school. She provides professional development for the teaching staff while encouraging their individual educational growth. Kathleen continues to work steadily to build Joy2theWorld and the vision of a larger school able to provide over 500 of the brilliant but needy children in the rural community. It is through education that these children will end their cycle of poverty. Kathleen Gibbs provides credit to her Catholic education and 35+ years of business experience in the United States; particular recognition and acknowledgement goes to Landmark Education (Landmark Worldwide) and the 34 years of participation and development in transformational leadership, communication, self-expression and team management. None of these accomplishments would exist without a powerful team of staff and volunteers. It all began when Werner Erhard said “if you REALLY want to learn how to serve….”   KHANDAN FARJADI – SECRETARY Khandan Farjadi has served as Vice President and Secretary of Joy2theWorld, Inc. since 2008. She joined and partnered to be the voice of women living in poverty in Ghana, W. A. Her goal was to empower women to build businesses and educate them to support their success. Khandan’s first trip to Ghana in January, 2009 was to document the activities of Joy2theWorld and the potential impact on women living in poverty. Her ability to communicate these needs in a documentary created a platform for fundraising that made Joy2theWorld possible. Year after year, Khandan has worked tirelessly to support the financial needs of Joy2theWorld through donor participation. Khandan’s regular visits to Ghana included business classes for women in the areas of marketing, sales and investing. Teaching women how to INVEST in their businesses and save for their future was always a standing-room-only event, often providing outside seating for men who wished to learn as well. Her latest visit (September, 2014) was to develop teaching staff, administration and most important to hug children that have an education that might not have been possible. Khandan continues to raise funds for sponsorships and special school needs for Joy2theWorld. She is a pillar of strength and sustainability for all who work for Joy2theWorld International Christian Academy. Khandan’s 15 years of experience in risk management, management, marketing and sales is the foundation for her teaching skills. She has taught women living in poverty as well as students at the university level. Khandan continues to work in southern California at Farmers Insurance Group as a Life Insurance & Financial Specialist. Khandan completed her BA (California State University Northridge) and her MBA (University of Phoenix). Khandan has extensive training in transformational leadership, communication, self-expression and team management through her participation in Landmark Education’s leadership programs. PARIS L. HODGE – TREASURER Joy2theWorld is pleased to introduce its new Treasurer and member of the Board of Directors (January, 2015). Paris L. Hodge brings many years of experience in accountancy, particularly in non-profit organizations and schools. As Treasurer, she is accountable for Joy2theWorld’s financial reporting to the Board as well as the IRS. Paris L. Hodge is a Certified Public Accountant with a Bachelors of Accountancy Degree from Walsh College. She has 4 years of accounting and tax experience with one of the 10 largest public accounting firms in the country, seven years of accounting and tax experience with various different service related companies and was in private practice for 8 years before joining Davis and Davis, CPAs. Her industry expertise includes Non-profit Organizations, School Districts, Charter Schools, Construction and Real Estate. Prior to joining Davis and Davis, Paris was one of the founding partners of HHH Accounting Services. During Paris’ 20 years in the accounting field, she gained a tremendous amount of experience in several industries. With each new experience and accomplishment came the urge to help those smaller businesses and organizations without the resources to obtain the type of quality accounting, tax and consulting services needed to be successful. HHH Accounting Services provided services to a wide range of clients ranging from small rental property owners to a multi-billion dollar insurance company. As a consultant for Detroit Public Schools, Paris managed the $500 million bond construction project from a financial standpoint and was responsible for ensuring compliance with state and local bond compliance laws. While a consultant for Inkster Public Schools, Paris was responsible for implementing a new payroll system for the district, writing an instruction manual, designing new payroll procedures as well as training staff. At George W. Auch Company, a multi-million dollar construction management firm, Paris was the lead on a million dollar accounting system change over and was responsible for managing project finances. During Paris’ career at Plante & Moran, PLLC she was responsible for auditing various companies as well as preparing tax returns. Her work experience included analyzing financial statements, consulting on sound business practices, internal controls and proper financial reporting in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices. JOHN A. MITCHELL – BOARD OF DIRECTORS Joy2theWorld is pleased and honored to include John A. Mitchell to our Board of Directors. John brings an established reputation for integrity and leadership after years of experience in training, developing and facilitating programs in law enforcement. John A. Mitchell, President of J. Mitchell Consulting in Detroit, Michigan, has 35 years of experience in developing custom designed programs, impacting city, state and federal levels of government. John’s experience includes Grant Manager and Program Coordinator for Wayne County Sheriff’s Department responsible for monitoring, writing, coordinating, developing and administering a wide variety of law enforcement grants. He developed multiple coalitions involving police, community, medical and business organizations. He chaired Safe America coalitions to address community safety issues as well as maintaining their financial records. John has extensive experience in training as Training Director for Wayne County Sheriff’s Department responsible for police academy, in-service training for 1400 police and 250 civilian staff members. He directly supervised 5 full and 40 part-time staff members, multiple budgets and grants, office management, development and delivery of training programs. John facilitated Cultural Diversity programs for Lansing Community College, delivering the first state-wide training program developed for law enforcement officers. He also facilitated the Multicultural Experience in Leadership Development at Wayne State University which provides community leaders the opportunity to develop cross cultural collaboration skills through a series of experiential encounters. He continues to be a Training and Organizational Development Consultant working with governmental and private sector companies. He developed and delivers training programs in the areas of cultural diversity, customer service, communication, work place violence, team building, risk management, sexual harassment, racial profiling, community policing and leadership. John is a volunteer Program Leader it Landmark Education, coaching participants in overcoming personal barriers to accomplish projects in their respective communities. He facilitates conversations with groups of men on how to have their lives work and be in relationships that work. John’s education includes a wide variety of degrees including a BS in Criminal Justice (Madonna University, MI), MA in Criminal Justice (Detroit Mercy, MI), Multicultural Experience in Leadership Development (MELD/CELP) (Wayne State University, MI), Graduate of the FBI National Academy (1985), Wayne County Sheriff’s Police Academy, and Command and General Staff College, United States Army. LENORA CHAMBERS-KOYTON – BOARD OF DIRECTORS Joy2theWorld is pleased and honored to introduce our newest member of our Board of Directors (January, 2015). Lenora Chambers-Koyton brings extensive experience in education, particularly in Basic Education, focused primarily on reading readiness as well as professional development for teaching professionals. Lenora’s leadership programs and consultancy in the Detroit Public School system included over 30 years as teacher (Reading Readiness, Grade 1 Teacher) as well as Language Coach and Literacy Coach. She developed and coordinated the Project Resilience Program at the New Center Community Services, which includes work with at risk students stressing self-esteem, anger management, gang avoidance and drug and alcohol abuse. Lenora continues to provide the Project Resilience Program model to schools and child related conferences and workshops. Lenora is a stand for education and brings years of experience in work with teachers, parents and students. This experience and her passion for education is a gift that will inspire teachers at Joy2theWorld International Christian Academy. Lenora’s education includes a Bachelor of Science (West Chester University 1965) and Masters in Education, Reading and Science (Wayne State University, 1973). She participated in multiple Professional and Development Programs including SDP Leadership Training 101 and 102, Yale University (1999). Her experience and accomplishments include supervising and consulting in the Detroit Public Schools, instructing Field Experience for Teacher Education (Eastern Michigan University 2000-Present) and mentoring Project SEAMLESS (5 years), as well as mentoring the Detroit Limited License Instructor (LLI) Program (2003-2004). (February, 2015)

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