Equation Trip 2023

When have you felt truly believed in?

What did it feel like?

How have those moments impacted your life?

Hallie Hernandez, the leader of the Equation program, knows the impact that others can have on student’s lives by believing in them.

In December of 2017 Hallie was a freshman at Texas State University. During the Holiday season at home with her family, she was introduced to Joy2theWorld when her family decided to sponsor the tuition of a few students of the school. From the moment she saw the faces of the students, she fell in love and knew that this organization would have a profound impact on her life.

She discerned a call to live in Ghana and work with the students for a semester which was both an exhilarating and terrifying prospect. She had no idea how she could get there and reached out to her community for help.

She then saw her friends, family and  community rallied around to support her with their prayers, their gifts and their service that enabled her to follow this calling. Knowing all these people believed in her and her calling made the long trip, the hard work and the three-month separation from her family and friends not only possible, but life-giving.

She spent three months meeting incredible students who had a passion for learning and incredible dreams for the future. She saw that education is the way to end the cycle of poverty and witnessed how committed the students are to use their education in their communities. She saw the impact that a sponsor has in the lives of their student by making it possible for Ghanaian families to keep their children in school.


A 2018 study of education completion rates in Ghana reported that

nearly 20% of girls and 10% of boys receive only nursery education or no education at all.

17% of girls and 12% of boys only reach the end of primary school before being taken out of school

and 40% of girls and 43% of boys education ends once graduating middle school.

Only 6% of female students and 10% of male students complete any kind of higher education after high school.*

*“School completion rate in Ghana 2018, by highest educational level and gender”, Doris Dokua Sasu, Education in Ghana statistics, Statistica.com

Four years after that initial trip, Hallie has discerned a new calling to help more students feel truly believed in.

She is spearheading a new program called Equation.

The mission of Equation is to remove barriers to empowerment so that anyone can succeed.

E=mc2 or Empowerment equals Motivation and Community2

We believe that education and support from community are some of the most effective ways of removing the barrier of poverty in places like Ghana

To accomplish this goal, we have partnered with Texas State University MathWorks program to bring 10 Junior High students and two faculty members to Texas for a sixteen-day trip in June of 2023.

Meet the Equation 2023 Group!

And our Chaperones!

Our chaperones are board members and long-time volunteers who visited Joy2theWorld in 2018 and are beyond excited to see our students again!

Math Instructor
Hallie Hernandez
Margaret Jones
Beth Brady

Many of these students are children Hallie worked with directly during her time in Ghana and have stayed at the top of their class since then. These students have ambitious plans for the future, wanting to attend university to become doctors, engineers, scientists and astronauts.

Attending an American university would completely change the trajectory of these students’ lives and this trip will give them some of the tools to pursue upper education in America when they graduate high school.

During this trip we will visit

  • Major Texas Universities
  • Museums
  • Zoos
  • Historical landmarks
  • And more!

Our students will gain the experience of travel and will then have a travel visa on their record to help their ability to secure a study Visa for university.

They will be able to meet their sponsors in the US and travel away from home for the first time.

This will be a life-altering experience for all students and staff involved and you can be one of the people who make these students feel believed-in.

To make this dream happen, our budget is $30,000, $15,000 of which will cover the airfare needed to get our students and staff to Texas.

This is a lofty goal but we are confident that God, who is calling us to this mission, will lead our message to the right people who believe in us.

Any gift will help us reach our goal and we would love any forms of support you can give.

We appreciate all that you already do for J2W and we can’t wait to get our students over to Texas for this amazing opportunity!