Environmental Project – Primary 1 – “Adopt a Gutter” Our Primary 1 students adopted a small section of a long gutter to clean it of trash and waste, to sweep the area and to show the neighbors how we can all get involved in keeping our environment clean. Of course there was safety gear and a lecture from Mohammed, our expert on the environment! There was plenty of supervision. Mary, the teacher, sprayed insecticide (she forgot about the open shoes but washed her feet as soon as she returned to school!) and then the students were sweeping the area. We slowed traffic with looky-loos ! The areas around gutters here are filled with trash. This creates mosquito infested areas. We live in a water logged area and some landowners fill their property with trash (as land fill) and then cover it with sand. They are unaware (or choose to look the other way) that the waste leaks into the sand and pollutes and contaminates the wells nearby. But our lessons and project exercises are making our kids aware of the problem….maybe the next generation will think differently! Every Friday for the next 8 weeks…you will see us sweeping and raking out the trash from the gutter!  We hope the neighbors will soon join us!

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