Joy2TheWorld presents our 2019 Easter Egg Hunt celebration! Hurrayyyyyy! Easter is here! Eggs are here! Egg hunters ready to hunt !

Easter Egg Hunt is a festival that is celebrated during Easter. Joy2TheWorld is privileged to be able to celebrate this festival which is not common here in Ghana.

What Happens During The Easter Egg Hunt Celebration? 

There is the cooking staff who buy and boil the eggs in the kitchen.

After eggs are boiled in the kitchen, the production team conveys the egg from the kitchen into the production room. They put the grasses, candies and artificial eggs in the baskets.

After the eggs are boiled, all students then come according to their classes to colour an egg.


On the day of celebration, all students gathered together as the staff had the fun time hiding the eggs.

The Students Gathered On Our Playground As Eggs Are Hidden
  • Boiling of eggs
  • Coloring eggs
  • Preparing Baskets for celebration
  • Hiding eggs
  • Finally, hunting eggs (The fun part)

EASTER EGG HUNT 2019 was a really exciting one all thanks to our School Proprietress Madam Kathleen Gibbs and our kind hearted sponsors.

A smile on the face of our kids all thanks to our sponsors.