Saturday included a visit to MakersPlace, STEAM Consultants who teach coding and robotics to fortunate students in Ghana. Another graduation including Certificates of Completion for our top 15 students who showed up every Saturday morning for training. The students worked in teams and each team created a project utilizing micro bits. While these may be common in the West, these ideas are not in use here. Our students had to use their imagination. No TV or magazines to tip them off. So we have ideas like automatic waste disposal, a test for blood pressure, and an automatic bin that separates plastic vs paper. A bit used to automatically light up a tunnel as a car drives through and even a tool able to be used in surgery for the ability to pick up very small items (or a robot to deter a bomb from a distance).

The next challenge begins again in September when school begins. Next year includes creating robots able to travel, pick up items and carry them away, all within a detailed timeline. The “pool “ tables are the playing field and the students lit up when they saw the future challenges.

We thank Makers Place for bringing technology to our daily activities at school. Joy2theWorld International Christian Academy is measured against the same standards of schools in Accra and Achimota. We are the BEST!