Halloween celebration is known by the Americans and various European countries. Halloween is celebrated in these countries every year on the 31st of October annually. All Hallows’ is a Christian festival celebrated in honor of the dead, including saints, martyrs, and all the departed souls.

As the President of the school is from America, the school celebrates’ this festival every year. The president of the school, management of the school and all staff make it possible for a successful Halloween celebration. Students dress like queens, angels, kings, princesses and super heroes to mark this day. Then students parade on the streets near the school with singing and dancing throughout the streets and then back to the school premises.

Every student receives a candy as a Halloween gift and later participates in programs like pick and act, eating competition, dancing competition, and other games. At the end of the day, students are happy coming to school that day and look forward to next year’s Halloween celebration. Glory be to God for a successful Halloween celebration, thanks to the president of the school and we appreciate our sponsors for providing us the costumes for the children’s Halloween celebration.