Last Term, Joy2theWorld International Christian Academy organized a wonderful trip for our noble Grade six (6) and JHS students to Tema Harbour. It was a unique opportunity for our students to learn and experience the importance of the harbours in international trade.

Upon arrival, the staff of the harbour gave our students a warm welcome. They introduced our students to the various vessels that arrive at the port, the cargoes that they carry, and the processes involved in shipping and clearing the goods.

Our students were fascinated by the huge vessels and the amount of goods that they carry. They also learned about the different types of vessels such as container ships, bulk carriers, and tankers. The staff explained how these vessels are loaded and unloaded and how the goods are moved from the ships to the warehouses.

Our students also got an opportunity to ask questions about how the harbour is managed and how the staffs ensure the safe movement of goods and vessels. They also learned about the various jobs that exist at the harbour, such as pilots, crane operators, and customs officers.

Generally, the trip was an eye-opening experience for our students. They learned about the importance of international trade, the role of the harbour in the economy and the various jobs and skills required to operate a harbour. We would like to thank the staff of the Tema Harbour for hosting us and making the trip a great success.


Grade six students (boys)

Both grade six and JHS department at the port.

Grade six Girls in a wonderful post

Blessing Afriyie in a marvelous posture

Louisa in a wonderful stand