The students of JOY2THE WORLD INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN ACADEMY on one faithful Friday made a tour to the National Theatre. As English Language is a core subject in every school, the JHS 1 students of the school also study Literature as part of the English Language. The book used in studying Literature is COCK CROW.

The JHS department of Joy2theWorld International Christian Academy invited by The National Drama Company Abibigromma to The Ghana National Theatre Studios Accra to watch drama entitled ” The Dilemma of the Ghost”. This story was written by a woman named Ama Atta Aidoo. The class visited there because the class teacher by name Mr. Jacob Gbertey taught his students about that story and they needed the practical aspect of the story.

The story was about Ato the Protagonist and his marriage to Eulalie an Afro American. They met in the United States. When the couple moved to Africa, there was a great deal of stress as Eulalie had to adjust to living in Ghana. Their attitudes and actions such as smoking and drinking caused friction and was not acceptable to the in-laws living in Africa. These differences in culture stressed the relationship. The drama was thought provoking for sure.

The students really enjoyed every bit of the drama and they learned a lot from that drama. It was an interesting experience that that day.