Accra Compost & Recycling Plant (ACARP) is an integrated waste processing and recycling company established to receive, sort, process and recycle solid and liquid waste to produce organic compost for agronomic purposes in Ghana and the sub region. They also produce high quality pelleted plastics as raw materials to our local industries for further production into various plastic items. Since July 2012, ACARP has been providing effective integrated processing, management and recycling of solid and liquid waste for economic and social good in an environmentally sustainable manner.

J2W Students At ACARP

Tricycles, locally called “aboboyaa” and big trash trucks drive in to offload trash at ACARP.

A field trip to The Accra Compost And Recycling Plant was the perfect place to explore with regards to the term’s Project Based Learning on Environment (

ACARP was an avenue for the students to learn about the environment, precisely waste management.

They had the opportunity to visit various sections of the organization. One of the places is the Sorting Plant. This is where waste is sorted to various categories: pet bottles, plastics, sachet rubbers.

With nose masks on, they explored parts of the company.

The Organisation is secured with lots of camera. Hence every movement or activity going on in the company is displayed on a large screen in the monitoring room. Here are our students observing what happens in the monitoring room.

This tour has really educated our students with matters concerning the environment in relation to waste management.