You have made a difference!  And there is more to come…If you can help! More news on “A Game Worth Playing”.  After learning about what makes life worth living from Landmark Education (The Forum, Advanced Course, Self Expression & Leadership and more…) I chose to make a difference in Ghana, West Africa.  Latest project is opening a school for children living in poverty.  Read more about making a difference here and how you can participate. The first week of school has been so exciting!  So fun to watch the kids arrive all scared and nervous … very timid… and by day 2 they are learning, learning, learning…even when playing, they are learning!  Now they are asking questions and wanting to learn more! Little Alice is 4 and was quiet and timid her first day.  A little weepy, she spent some of her day in Sarah’s lap. In fact, Alice did not take her backpack off all day and she kept her eyes on the door (to make her great escape?)  Alice showed up on day 2 and is singing and playing with her hands on her hips!  Quite a transformation! Christian (below) was also quiet and shy his first day, but by day 2 he was so proud of his work…all “A”s!  and his first stickers!  Christian is on his way! But we are already at 9 students and we need more sponsors before we can bring in more children.  We need your help!  For only $30/month ($90 for a term), children can begin learning…but more than that… It’s hard to explain the impact an education makes for kids who live in poverty.  Without an education, they are destined to spend days selling small items on the streets.  That is their today and tomorrows.  But with an education, they can be anything they dream to be.  Without an education, they have no dreams. Miss Charity, one of our wonderful teachers, is quite dramatic as she shows the children a picture of a caterpillar!  “Let’s count the legs on the caterpillar…ONE, TWO…”  The kids are mesmerized!  “We use numbers to count things everywhere!”