Many of us get caught up in the day-to-day activities that occupy our schedules but rarely fill our hearts.  Then, some of us run for the magazine (short) version of “How to Find Happiness” because we don’t have time to read the long version… I am offering you an opportunity to get in A GAME WORTH PLAYING!  (You will still have time to read that magazine article if you feel you need it!) We have been sold a bill of goods.  We were led to believe that having the perfect job is happiness.  For some, it is the perfect house.  And for others, it is the latest techno toy. But we have the answer to this secret!  (Yes, we can save you thousands!   ) The Game Worth Playing is doing for others…yup, the cat is now out of the bag!  How to do this?  What do you mean by playing a GAME?  Is this Monopoly?  Xbox?  No, it is a “do-it-yourself” (D-I-Y) game of giving!   Giving of yourself (read: your Self) begins by giving.  (This is the initial way to “score”.  We have tips for playing for those who wish to play at the “high achievers” levels.) You are invited to play in our GAME…  for those of you GAMERS who choose to play online…you are welcome to play along as well!  You have an opportunity to give something of yourself to help a child get an education.  This is someone you may never meet, but whose life will be transformed with information and choices in life that will impact generations. (Can you GET that?  YOU can impact generations!) What does that look like? Well, for $90 each term (or $30 every month), a child can attend school.  This tuition will open a child’s eyes and hearts to language, math, science and music.  Our children will learn their letters, numbers, shapes and the joy of friendship, music and dance.  They will hear stories as we read books …until they can read their own books.  Our kids will learn about the world of Possibility. Still not happy?  Well, we can offer you the opportunity of the joy of giving clothes and shoes.  Our kids are from very poor families.  The family lives on an average $2-$4 per day and every moment of their lives is a worry about how to feed their families. Tuition is $90/per quarter ($30 per month). A school uniform costs $15. Shoes cost approximately $10. Breakfast & lunch at school for a month costs $25. Can one person (yourself) make that big a difference from so far away?  Yes!  One child who has never been to school, who wants to learn, will have a chance to be like those other kids… YOU CAN MAKE THAT DIFFERENCE! In fact, if you choose to PLAY IN THIS WORTHY GAME…. we will send you a picture of “your” child, some information about their family life, occasional videos, art work and more.  You will see the transformation for yourself!  You can be CAUSEin the matter! Here are a few of the children who will benefit from your happiness… P.S.  For those of you do-it-yourselfers who would prefer to roll up your sleeves and travel to Ghana, West Africa to teach, you are welcome to join us. As Ghanaians say,  “You are welcome”. Now, here are the game instructions:
  1. Press the “DONATE” button on this website, indicate how much you are giving.
  2. Indicate in the MEMO section your preference of a girl or boy (if you wish).
  3. Include your email address so we can email you pictures, stories, videos, etc.
  4. Complete the required credit card/Paypal information.
  5. Pass this idea on to a friend.  Make them happy too!