Joy2the World International Christian Academy is a school that train students for the future through proper education, living a Christian life in the society and very discipline in all aspects of their life. Aside formal education, there are other extra curriculum activities that the student enjoy. These includes Halloween, Field trips, Easter egg hunting and Christmas party. This makes our school stand out in the community and motivates many parents to enroll their wards here.

During this party, students took home candies and gifts like dresses, shoes and the like home. All these gifts were from our lovely sponsors and donors. The party included a graduation ceremony with our kindergarten two students who moved from there to grade one and the grade six students moving to grade seven. The students did a lot of performances that made the celebration lovely and good to watch.

Students were given certificates to climax the ceremony and their certificates will confirm that they had really completed that grade. All thanks to God for making the program a successful one, the president of the school, the staff and to all sponsors and donors. Great job and waiting for more.