A lively and happy PTA meeting started our final day in school for Term 2.  It was standing room only for parents who came to thank us for another great Term.  They said they were so happy because their children can read, write, speak English and they have so much to talk about when they get home! Yes, we are all concerned about a bus…we desperately need transportation for our kids to get to school safely…but overall, parents were so thankful to Joy2theWorld and to the donors and sponsors in the U.S.A. The children performed a cultural dance and sang familiar songs as the parents watched with pride.  Of course, we had best student KG2 (David) and best student KG1 (Bevelyn) and many, many (9) who received prizes for no absences during the term. The students have a week off, returning Tuesday, April 15 to begin Term 3. We have a busy Term ahead of us as we finalize the year with lessons in math, writing, English and creative arts.  Our teachers have done well and will also have some time off to prepare for the next Term. We will be starting our renovation in the next month as we add 3 more classrooms!  We are creating a classroom for Primary 1 and another room for those with special needs – tutoring one-on-one.  We have 1 ADHD and 6 with Dyslexia – so we will be rotating these children into our special needs classroom.  We need computers for this and we will put the computers to good use with our advanced students – rotating them into the special needs classroom.  This way, everyone will see this is not a room for children with problems, but a room for special training. The teachers received  Professional Development training on dyslexia on how best to reach our children.  We all watched “Like Stars On Earth” (Khan Productions) which is an excellent reference to better understand our kids with dyslexia.  Then we (teachers and I) discussed teaching practices and methods to give our students an advantage.  We will begin implementing these practices even in the 3rd Term.  When we can tell the parents that some very bright, creative, famous people with dyslexia have learned and succeeded,  then they will recognize the need for their kids to stay in school. But for now, we slow our pace for a week as we prepare for Term 3.  Children will be at home on spring vacation until April 15.  Teachers and staff will be preparing classrooms and lesson plans. Thank you to all of you who are donors and sponsors.  This is only possible because of your generosity.