Congratulations to the students for completing TERM 1! Friday, December 13, 2013 was the final day of Term 1 and the first PTA meeting! The children sang and danced for the parents and then were surprised to receive gifts (books to take home) for 100% attendance! Wisdom was first in his KG2 class…based on exams and participation in class. He received a “Beginners’ Bible” for his hard work. Beverlyn was first in KG1 and received books and art supplies to take home. But mostly the day was about having fun and being acknowledged. Children had candy and sang Christmas carols. Children will be coming back next week for Bible Study. Thanks to generous donors from the U.S., each of our children received a set of play clothes plus socks and shoes to use as gym clothes. Our uniforms take a beating during recess because our kids play hard! So each child will change into their new gym clothes before hitting the playground. Each child received a package with new gym clothes! We are grateful to all our donors! The PTA showed up in their numbers and they were grateful for all the work our teachers have done to provide a good foundation and education for the children.   We discussed new challenges and many asked…where will our children attend school next year? We have dreams of a large school for up to 500 children. We also discussed our need for a school bus (mini bus) for transporting children across a major highway. It was a great day and a great message to end our very first Term.