We are getting our school ready for Term 2.  Teachers are off for the week of December 23-27 for rest and family celebrations.  But everyone returns on December 30 for a week (minus New Year’s Day!) of decorating classrooms, paint touch ups, preparing a classroom for 3 year old children, and purchasing the required books and supplies. We need to upgrade our stairs to make them safe for our children, adding 4 toilets and 2 sinks to meet safety and health requirements.  Not exciting stuff but very necessary. It is quiet these days as the children are home for the holidays.  No singing.  No laughter.  But all these will soon return in 2 weeks.  We can’t wait!  We have exciting lessons to teach and experiences to share.  Our field trip was such a success last term.  The children learned so much.  The parents were excited and pleased that we took the kids to the airport – learning about transportation.  At the PTA meeting we asked, “what did you think about our field trip?”  “Oh!  TOO MUCH!  We liked it TOO MUCH!” What’s up for the Term 2 field trip?  Shhh.  It’s a secret right now!  Another surprising, learning opportunity for our students. We need your help to do these renovations and preparations for our children.  Sponsor a child with $90 for the term or $30 for a month to keep our kids in school.  You can donate on this website.