When I was sharing my “ideal” weekend, I told my P6 students (P5 at the time) that it must include study of the Bible/prayer, baking and listening to a podcast. If I include these 3, I am satisfied. My kids were very curious.

What is a podcast? What are you listening to now? Can we listen too?

So I contacted Dr. Peterson to see if he wrote or prepared a podcast for teens. What he told me was to “not underestimate” my students. And before I knew it, there was a large shipment of books to Ghana of “12 Rules for Life”.


And so, the challenge began. We listen to Dr. Peterson on Audible as each P6 student reads along. I am writing definitions in the margins so that we learn vocabulary words with each reading.

The obvious benefits are showing! Discussions about hierarchies and why “Standing Up Straight With Your Shoulders Back” is important.

But even more effective is the bonding of reading together and discussions about life and their future.

We are also studying about the disciples and combined, we are learning about hierarchies and leadership.

Thank you Dr. Peterson! You have opened our view of life and responsibility wider.

Slow going, I write definitions in the margins of my book to explain and discuss.