About Us


Welcome to Joy2theWorld, Inc.

We are a non-profit organization making a difference for women and girls in Africa. Our country of choice? At this time, we are in Ghana where democracy is alive and well. Women entrepreneurs in Ghana, living on approximately $1 to $1.50 a day, support their families and raise their children. With the help of microloans and some business tips and training, these women are learning about improving their inventory, making a profit and how to save for future investments. The microloans are simply a tool for their success.

More importantly, our women are empowered to grow and learn and develop their wonderful spirits in support of each other. We hold regular Focus Group Meetings where women are actively involved in having a say about their community. Meet some of the women who attended our latest Focus Group Meeting.

Joy2theWorld, Inc. also brings the quality of life that our women deserve. Can you imagine working all day in the hot sun and then to go home and fetch water to use for cooking and cleaning? Yes, our women and their children must fetch their water but Joy2theWorld added a new well. Now fetching clean, clear water is a reward of its own.

As working mothers all over the world, women are concerned about their children’s education and care while they are away all day. Rebecca Ablouh, a teacher, added a school for pre-K children. She borrowed micro loans to purchase blackboards and benches. Hot lunches are provided. A new teacher and helpers are added. Today, Joy2theWorld is proud to add a playground that these children have never known before! Read more about Rebecca’s school and watch a video of the kids playing.

Thank you for your support!

Kathleen Gibbs, Founder