Our Mission – A School for Children Living in Poverty

Kekeli day 1 with uniform and dollWelcome to Joy2theWorld, Inc.

We are a non-profit organization known for making a difference for women and girls in Ghana, West Africa.  Our first 6 years in Ghana were focused on women entrepreneurs in Ghana, living on approximately $2 a day.

Today, our focus is on education for children living in poverty.  After 6 years we realized that the best strategy for ending the cycle of poverty is an education.  Our women know this too.  As soon as they made a profit, they invested in their children.  Our women can’t read or write, but their dream for their children is to rise up.

We have opened Joy2theWorld Christian International Preparatory School.  We are preparing our children for their lifetime of education.  These young students are the future engineers, teachers, doctors, nurses, politicians and entrepreneurs for Ghana.

Through student sponsorship, generous donors can support a child’s education.  We connect the sponsor to the child, receiving pictures and even short videos.  We are able to do this for only $30/month or $90 for a 3-month term.  This small amount permits a child to learn their numbers, colors, shapes, and how to write their names!  More importantly, this education will impact their lives forever!

Illiteracy here in Ghana is about 60%.  That means for every 100 people, only 4 can read or write.   One will graduate from high school and enter tertiary school. The country is depending on those 4 to be all the doctors, lawyers, engineers, entrepreneurs and leaders in the community.  We are changing Ghana’s future, 1 child at a time!

Joy2theWorld, Inc. also brings the quality of life that our women and children deserve. Can you imagine working all day in the hot sun and then to go home and fetch water to use for cooking and cleaning? Yes, our women and their children must fetch their water so Joy2theWorld added a new well.

Our newest environmental development project is to remove a toxic waste dump that exists on a main street in Medie.  Some of the children in the neighborhood can be found walking over the toxic waste picking through it to find small items to sell.  Without an education, they need to help their families with small coins they can make selling.  So we have decided to remove the toxic waste dump and put the children in school!  What a combination!

We already have the funding for the environmental project…more details to follow.

However, we are in need of donors’ support in keeping our children in school.  That’s where you come in.




Thank you for your support!

Kathleen Gibbs, Founder