Field Trip to Bojo Beach

yet another group pose with a view of the beach

Our 28 students participated in a field trip to the private Bojo Beach…  The kids studied about salt water (and clean vs. contaminated water), fish, boats, shells and waves.  But it wasn’t until they changed into their suits (provided by Beth Brady, a Farmers’ Insurance Agent in Houston, TX) and ran through the sand that they realized all that they were learning!

We started out our excursion with a prayer for a safe journey… then all wore life preservers on the boat ride to the beach.  Mohammed began singing “If you’re happy and you know it, say Amen!”  “AMEN”  little voices heard as they crossed the water.  Later Mohammed said “I just wanted to distract the children so they wouldn’t be so afraid.”  Good thinking, Mohammed!

Barbara is buckled up for the short boat ride to the beach

Barbara is buckled up for the short boat ride to the beach

4 kids ready to sail!

4 kids ready to sail!

Pushing off from the dock

Pushing off from the dock

Once on the beach, the children realized all that they had learned about salt water, sand, shells and boats.  They were timid at first, but then began to play in the sand and waves.  Two teams searched for shells.  And others just sat in the water and waited for the waves to roll over them.

Kids heading for the beach

Kids heading for the beach

Feet in the water

Feet in the water

Feet in the water

Feet in the water

Everyone had a wonderful time!  We were all exhausted and the kids slept in the bus on the way home!  What a day!

This was a day of great fun and included a learning experience.  It was a day to enjoy the beauty of Ghana and understand how important it is to keep our environment clean.

Who are you “being” today? Pick your own character quality every day

The whole class Jan 31, 2014Beginning this Monday, February 3 we will have 30 students attending Joy2theWorld Christian International Preparatory School!  Our numbers are growing as word is getting out that our students are learning more!

We started a new practice to develop our understanding of ourselves and others.  Each day our students choose a character word or attitude to live by for the day.  They can choose “smart”, “kind”, “brave”, “polite”, “helpful”, “hardworking”, “creative” and many more.

They learn more about the character trait as well as learn that they get to choose who they are each day.   We are all different.  We all encompass many qualities.

Our children are in their second term and learning spelling words (phonics), counting by tens, and learning about their environment.  Our field trip this term is a trip to the beach.  So we are learning about fresh vs. salt water (and safe water vs. contaminated water), fish and tides.  The trip will include a short ride in a boat that takes us to the beautiful, clean beach.  We are coloring pictures of fish and boats for homework.  Word is out that a friend is sending bathing suits from the U.S.!

We are also learning about Genesis and how amazing and creative God is to create the moon, sun and all the planets …then the waters …and how tides are created.

Here are some of our new students:

Florence - Nursery

Florence – Nursery

David KG2

David KG2

Ivy - Nursery

Ivy – Nursery




TERM 1 completed for our KG1 and KG2…Congratulations to teachers and students!

Congratulations to the students for completing TERM 1!  Friday, December 13, 2013 was the final day of Term 1 and the first PTA meeting!  The children sang and danced for the parents and then were surprised to receive gifts (books to take home) for 100% attendance!

Wisdom was first in his KG2 class…based on exams and participation in class.  He received a “Beginners’ Bible” for his hard work.  Beverlyn was first in KG1 and received books and art supplies to take home.Wisdom - Best student KG2

Bevelyn-Best Student KG1

But mostly the day was about having fun and being acknowledged.  Children had candy and sang Christmas carols.  Children will be coming back next week for Bible Study.

Thanks to generous donors from the U.S., each of our children received a set of play clothes plus socks and shoes to use as gym clothes.  Our uniforms take a beating during recess because our kids play hard!  So each child will change into their new gym clothes before hitting the playground. 

Each child received a package with new gym clothes!

Each child received a package with new gym clothes!

We are grateful to all our donors! 

The PTA showed up in their numbers and they were grateful for all the work our teachers have done to provide a good foundation and education for the children.   We discussed new challenges and many asked…where will our children attend school next year?  We have dreams of a large school for up to 500 children.  We also discussed our need for a school bus (mini bus) for transporting children across a major highway. 

It was a great day and a great message to end our very first Term. 

Kids sang and danced for their parents

Kids sang and danced for their parents

Teachers shared classroom experiences

Teachers shared classroom experiences

Parents showed up in their numbers

Parents showed up in their numbers

Thank you Rotary! Rotary International, Rotary Club-Houghton (MI), Appleton Downton (WI), Calamet-Laurium-Keweenaw Rotary (MI), Santa Ynez (CA) Rotary and Rotary Club Accra-West (GH)!

We are so proud to announce the official Groundbreaking Event of the Sanitation Project in Medie, Ghana!two banners - team and Accra West

Over 300 attended the Groundbreaking Event including Rotarian Past President Lucinda Enderby from  Rotary Club-Houghton, MI.  Madam Lucinda visited Ghana for the week and took in many sites and new tasty dishes!  She was welcomed and thanked many times over by the citizens of Medie and the local agencies such as the Chief Executive Officer of Ga West Assembly, the Chief and Assemblyman of Medie.  Leaders in the community, local business owners and schools and churches cheered for the Sanitation Project and the partnership between Ghana and the combined Rotary Clubs (U.S. and Ghana).

Here comes Cindy!

Here comes Cindy!

Also in attendance was Fr. Robert Billy Gbetty from St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church (providing the opening prayer), several local Imams and a representative of the Hare Krishna Church in Medie.

All the community attends including ZoomLion.

All the community attends including ZoomLion.

Many of you are wondering what became of the Sanitation Project?!  Well, what started as a 3-month project became a 9-month plus project!  It takes time to coordinate and develop agreement between government agencies, community leaders, stakeholders and even the community to plan a super project as large as this one.

Of course a critical issue is raising the funds for such a huge project. 

Rotary Clubs in the U.S. – that is,

  • ·         Rotary Club Houghton (MI),
  • ·         Appleton Downtown Rotary Club (WI),
  • ·         Calamet-Laurium-Keweenaw Rotary Club (MI) and
  • ·         Santa Ynez (CA) Rotary Club

All partnered together financially to support our Sanitation Project.  Thank you!

Their donations were matched by the

  • ·         Rotary District #6220 in Michigan. 
  • ·         Rotary International then combines all of these donations and adds additional funds for a total of $35,000.

Additional funds and partnership with the

  • ·         Rotary Club Accra-West (Accra, Ghana)

all united to complete this project.

We are so grateful to all of you Rotarians who individually and combined partnered with us to complete the Sanitation Project in Medie, Ghana.  We could not have done this without you!

Now that the funds are approved … the professionals in Ghana will come together to clear the toxic waste, add a layer of laterite and plant trees for an environmental transformation of an existing neighborhood.  In addition, contractors are completing an abandoned W.C. building that will give citizens an outlet for maintaining the beautiful environment.

The Joy2theWorld team worked tirelessly over the past 9 months to keep the dream alive while developing cooperation with all the stakeholders.  While so much of the work is still ahead of us, we are proud of Mohammed Sulemana and Sarah Ehlinger for their persistence and team building.Chief Executive, Kathleen, Sarah, George

Sarah Ehlinger and Mohammed Sulemana with Assemblyman of Medie

Sarah Ehlinger and Mohammed Sulemana with Assemblyman of Medie

ZoomLion with Mohammed and Kathleen

ZoomLion with Mohammed and Kathleen

We will keep you advised as we move along in this historic sanitation project! 

Field Trip to the Kotoka International Airport!

Wow!  We can see the planes coming!

Imagine your first trip to the airport!  After weeks of planning and class discussions about transportation, we took the kids on a field trip to the airport.  We were escorted around by an official tour guide who explained all about the airport, getting a ticket, going through security and waiting for your plane to board.

The kids were really excited for weeks…then some parents brought their children to school and said…” Christian woke me up at 4:30 a.m. to tell me it was time for school”…”we’re going to the airport!”…”Joachim could not get to sleep, he was so excited about his trip to the airport!”

Well, the big day arrived and we packed everyone safely into a van and off to the airport to learn about planes.  At first, there weren’t any planes because international flights come and go here in late afternoons and evenings….but wait!

Eventually, we saw a few airplanes take off and arrive.

At first, no airplanes... but then....

At first, no airplanes… but then….

Wait for it!  Wait for it! then, YES!



A DHL cargo plane arrived and we watched it unload and reload packages…the kids were thrilled!  Thanks DHL!  You made our day!


This DHL plane is wearing our uniform!  Yellow!  Ha!

This DHL plane is wearing our uniform! Yellow! Ha!

Another new “first” was riding an escalator….for some fun, for others scary!

But all got home safely and exhausted!  Kids dozed off on the bus trip home.  Of course, we had lots to talk about back in the classroom.





A Halloween Celebration! The First in Ghana! The First for Joy2theWorld International Christian Preparatory School!

The Halloween Party!

 Halloween does not exist as a holiday or child’s expression of fun here in Ghana.

 But on October 31st, the children at Joy2theWorld International Christian Preparatory School donned costumes donated by Beth Brady (a Farmers Insurance Agent located in the Houston Area) and her church buddies!

 It was a festive party with all the “who’s who” attending.  Super Heroes like Spiderman, Superman and the Avenger surrounded us!  Super Ninja Turtles were the little kids’ favorites!SAMUEL1

Christian, Patrick, Samuel & Wisdom dressed as Super Heroes

Christian, Patrick, Samuel & Wisdom dressed as Super Heroes

Princesses abound!  Cleopatra attended (of course) and we had our own cheerleader present.FRIENDS BELINDA & SHALOM

Friends Bevelyn & Gifty

Friends Bevelyn & Gifty


Alice, Gifty, DelphinaThe staff went all out to make the party fun.  IMG_2802FRIENDS JOACHIM & CHRISTIANFRIENDS ALICE & LAWRENCE

After I explained how American kids dressed up in costume and went door-to-door to say “trick or treat”, Mohammed created a “door” and hid behind a bulletin board.  When the kids knocked on the door, he popped out and said “Oh!  You must be here for candy!  Here you go!” and each child laughed and laughed and grabbed a fistful of candy.PATRICK & MOHAMMED

But mostly, the kids danced and danced for hours! 

Teacher  - Sir Amos

Teacher – Sir Amos

Teacher - Madam Charity

Teacher – Madam Charity

Enjoy the pictures!

For a short video  https:


If you are wondering…

For those of you curious about our Sanitation Project here in Medie, Ghana, here is an update..

Children walking on toxic waste dump collecting aluminum to re-sell.

Children walking on toxic waste dump collecting aluminum to re-sell.

Toxic 2

Toxic 2

Joy2theWorld has never stopped working with local authorities and seeking funding to remove the toxic waste dump located in Medie.  We have a team devoted to the completion of this project….for the community and of course, specifically for the children in this community.

The removal is a huge task because it involves educating the community (changing behaviors) and cooperation with a number of stakeholders in the community and of course, the funding.

We are so grateful that Rotary International, Rotary Accra-West and Rotary-Houghton, MI have come together to fund this project!  We anticipate all our work and funding to come together in the next month and the plans will become actions.  We will keep you all in the loop!  Stay tuned!

You have made a difference! And there is more to come! If you can help..

More news on “A Game Worth Playing”.  After learning about what makes life worth living from Landmark Education (The Forum, Advanced Course, Self Expression & Leadership and more…) I chose to make a difference in Ghana, West Africa.  Latest project is opening a school for children living in poverty.  Read more about making a difference here and how you can participate.

The first week of school has been so exciting!  So fun to watch the kids arrive all scared and nervous … very timid… and by day 2 they are learning, learning, learning…even when playing, they are learning!  Now they are asking questions and wanting to learn more!

Little Alice, day 1 with backpack

Little Alice is 4 and was quiet and timid her first day. A little weepy, she spent some of her day in Sarah’s lap. In fact, Alice did not take her backpack off all day and she kept her eyes on the door (to make her great escape?)

Alice showed up on day 2 and is singing and playing with her hands on her hips!  Quite a transformation!

Christian (below) was also quiet and shy his first day, but by day 2 he was so proud of his work…all “A”s!  and his first stickers!  Christian is on his way!


But we are already at 9 students and we need more sponsors before we can bring in more children.  We need your help!  For only $30/month ($90 for a term), children can begin learning…but more than that…

It’s hard to explain the impact an education makes for kids who live in poverty.  Without an education, they are destined to spend days selling small items on the streets.  That is their today and tomorrows.  But with an education, they can be anything they dream to be.  Without an education, they have no dreams.

Learning numbers and so much more!Miss Charity, one of our wonderful teachers, is quite dramatic as she shows the children a picture of a caterpillar!  “Let’s count the legs on the caterpillar…ONE, TWO…”  The kids are mesmerized!  “We use numbers to count things everywhere!”






School starts September 16!   Help us place a child in a classroom seat to learn.  Illiteracy is running at 60% here.  Give our children a chance!

Imagine giving a child a lifetime of choices and opportunity that will impact generations!  You can do that!

Children living in poverty do not dream about their future.  Some live day-by-day and ultimately become hawkers…selling small items to survive.  With an education, you can give them a dream.

This child sells bananas while other children attend school.

This child sells bananas while other children attend school.

Children walking on toxic waste dump collecting aluminum to re-sell.

Children walking on toxic waste dump collecting aluminum to re-sell.

Here is your opportunity to sponsor a child living in poverty (in West Africa) a chance to attend Joy2theWorld Preparatory School (KG).  Tuition is $90 for 3 months (or $30 per month).

Additional fees for uniform, shoes, etc. amount to $60.

If you sponsor one of our children, we will send you their pictures, art work and other details.  Maybe they will share their dreams with you!

Share this with your children and create an international experience for them!

Write a check to Joy2theWorld and mail to the Bakersfield address at 9408 Degranvelle Street, Bakersfield, CA 93311

or use our website – scroll down the page and donate!  Make sure we have your email address.

We appreciate your financial support.  It won’t happen without you.  You can move this vision into reality.  Thank you.

Celebrating a birthday…

Celebrating my birthday with friends here in Ghana…great surprise with Mohammed, Sarah, Francis, Jennifer, Amos, Felix and Matthew showing up for a fun evening of singing (national anthems!) and pop music from Michael Jackson to Country Western…lots of clowning around (who needs Karaoke with this much fun!) and in the last moments…I was given a wonderful painting of this child…


Francis is so talented…when they asked me what I thought of it? Well, I committed to 5 of the very poorest children to scholarships at our new school…

Anyone else? Please donate! If you want to know more about the artist, or want to purchase something beautiful…let us know.