Field Trip to Bojo Beach

Our 28 students participated in a field trip to the private Bojo Beach…  The kids studied about salt water (and clean vs. contaminated water), fish, boats, shells and waves.  But it wasn’t until they changed into their suits (provided by Beth Brady, a Farmers’ Insurance Agent in Houston, TX) and ran through the sand that […]

Who are you “being” today? Pick your own character quality every day

Beginning this Monday, February 3 we will have 30 students attending Joy2theWorld Christian International Preparatory School!  Our numbers are growing as word is getting out that our students are learning more! We started a new practice to develop our understanding of ourselves and others.  Each day our students choose a character word or attitude to […]

TERM 1 completed for our KG1 and KG2…Congratulations to teachers and students!

Congratulations to the students for completing TERM 1!  Friday, December 13, 2013 was the final day of Term 1 and the first PTA meeting!  The children sang and danced for the parents and then were surprised to receive gifts (books to take home) for 100% attendance! Wisdom was first in his KG2 class…based on exams […]

Thank you Rotary! Rotary International, Rotary Club-Houghton (MI), Appleton Downton (WI), Calamet-Laurium-Keweenaw Rotary (MI), Santa Ynez (CA) Rotary and Rotary Club Accra-West (GH)!

We are so proud to announce the official Groundbreaking Event of the Sanitation Project in Medie, Ghana! Over 300 attended the Groundbreaking Event including Rotarian Past President Lucinda Enderby from  Rotary Club-Houghton, MI.  Madam Lucinda visited Ghana for the week and took in many sites and new tasty dishes!  She was welcomed and thanked many […]

Field Trip to the Kotoka International Airport!

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Imagine your first trip to the airport!  After weeks of planning and class discussions about transportation, we took the kids on a field trip to the airport.  We were escorted around by an official tour guide who explained all about the airport, getting a ticket, going through security and waiting for your plane to board. […]

A Halloween Celebration! The First in Ghana! The First for Joy2theWorld International Christian Preparatory School!

The Halloween Party!  Halloween does not exist as a holiday or child’s expression of fun here in Ghana.  But on October 31st, the children at Joy2theWorld International Christian Preparatory School donned costumes donated by Beth Brady (a Farmers Insurance Agent located in the Houston Area) and her church buddies!  It was a festive party with […]

If you are wondering…

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For those of you curious about our Sanitation Project here in Medie, Ghana, here is an update.. Joy2theWorld has never stopped working with local authorities and seeking funding to remove the toxic waste dump located in Medie.  We have a team devoted to the completion of this project….for the community and of course, specifically for […]

You have made a difference! And there is more to come! If you can help..

More news on “A Game Worth Playing”.  After learning about what makes life worth living from Landmark Education (The Forum, Advanced Course, Self Expression & Leadership and more…) I chose to make a difference in Ghana, West Africa.  Latest project is opening a school for children living in poverty.  Read more about making a difference […]


School starts September 16!   Help us place a child in a classroom seat to learn.  Illiteracy is running at 60% here.  Give our children a chance! Imagine giving a child a lifetime of choices and opportunity that will impact generations!  You can do that! Children living in poverty do not dream about their future.  Some […]

Celebrating a birthday…

Celebrating my birthday with friends here in Ghana…great surprise with Mohammed, Sarah, Francis, Jennifer, Amos, Felix and Matthew showing up for a fun evening of singing (national anthems!) and pop music from Michael Jackson to Country Western…lots of clowning around (who needs Karaoke with this much fun!) and in the last moments…I was given a […]

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