Completing a year of the Sanitation Project 2013-2014 in Medie, Ghana

Joy2theWorld is very proud to partner with Rotary International and Rotary Clubs in the U.S. and Accra to complete the Sanitation Project we started March 1, 2013.  It took a team to produce the planning, negotiating, educating, financing, building of community cooperation, (long, hot, filthy) digging, bulldozing, spreading, planting and finally celebrating and photographing. I […]

Sanitation Project is transforming the community of Medie

These days it is quite common to see neighbors come by and marvel at the activities surrounding the Sanitation Project – a partnership of Joy2theWorld, Rotary International, Rotary Accra-West and U.S. Rotaries – as waste is taken to an official waste dump and a clean, flat area is appearing.  The project is approximately 90% complete […]


This is a story about making a difference.. being in a game worth playing.  It also includes some valuable information about Rotary and how you can get involved in your own communities.  Consider adding this to your 2014 Resolutions! Yes, it is January 1, 2014!  And what better way to start off the new year […]

Thank you Rotary! Rotary International, Rotary Club-Houghton (MI), Appleton Downton (WI), Calamet-Laurium-Keweenaw Rotary (MI), Santa Ynez (CA) Rotary and Rotary Club Accra-West (GH)!

We are so proud to announce the official Groundbreaking Event of the Sanitation Project in Medie, Ghana! Over 300 attended the Groundbreaking Event including Rotarian Past President Lucinda Enderby from  Rotary Club-Houghton, MI.  Madam Lucinda visited Ghana for the week and took in many sites and new tasty dishes!  She was welcomed and thanked many […]

Sawdust everywhere! Our school is almost ready! And more…

July has been a very busy month so far! We expect it to get busier as we head into August… All of our projects are running at full speed. For those of you who follow, here is what’s up at Joy2theWorld. 1. Curious Minds – Our work with Curious Minds is preparing for teaching over […]

Meet Sarah Ehlinger! Read about our project and make a difference by giving!

Meet Sarah, Sarah will be joining Joy2theWorld in Ghana soon to be part of the Sanitation Project! Welcome Sarah! Sarah has many talents and skills relative to our project. We met through Rotary here in Ghana and I know Sarah will bring all her knowledge and understanding to make a difference here. Help Sarah […]


Welcome to our neighborhood! Yes, well Joy2theWorld’s office is located in Medie and both our preparatory school and our new construction site (future school) are also located in Medie – which makes us official! We call Medie our home! And of course, as official members of our community, Joy2theWorld is taking on the safety, health […]