Learning about science in KG1….air! and then there is music and dance!

March 16, 2014 by  
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KG1 (4-5 year olds) are learning about air…that we need air for breathing…air makes things move…and air helps clothes to dry.  Did you know?   So much fun learning stuff with friends.  Everything is so important to learn when you are in Kindergarten.  It’s a busy day here at Joy2theWorld International Christian Academy! Please sponsor a […]

Field Trip to Bojo Beach

Our 28 students participated in a field trip to the private Bojo Beach…  The kids studied about salt water (and clean vs. contaminated water), fish, boats, shells and waves.  But it wasn’t until they changed into their suits (provided by Beth Brady, a Farmers’ Insurance Agent in Houston, TX) and ran through the sand that […]

Re-post of Help Wanted Ad to teach at Joy2theWorld International School in Ghana, West Africa

(First posted February, 2013 when Joy2theWorld International School was just a dream.) So many of us are very busy and wish we “just had the time” to make a difference “like THAT”. Some of us think that we don’t have enough money, enough spare time or enough courage to make a difference “like THAT!” But […]

This is what our students look like after 4 months in school!

  Meet Christian, Joachim, Wisdom, Patrick and David!  They are shining examples how 4 months can transform a child’s life.  They were playing soccer during break and stopped for a moment to pose for my camera…good friends, laughing and playing.  Their education is rigorous too.  They are learning about spelling, reading, counting (and a little […]