Learning about science in KG1….air! and then there is music and dance!

March 16, 2014 by  
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KG1 (4-5 year olds) are learning about air…that we need air for breathing…air makes things move…and air helps clothes to dry.  Did you know?   So much fun learning stuff with friends.  Everything is so important to learn when you are in Kindergarten.  It’s a busy day here at Joy2theWorld International Christian Academy! Please sponsor a […]

Help us bring the children to school!

Joy2theWorld is pleading for your help!  We need a safe way to bring the children to school every day.  Many more children will come if we can provide transportation.   We can also put this to good use on our field trips! Maybe your church or club would like to help with this project…We’ve been praying […]

Sanitation Project is transforming the community of Medie

These days it is quite common to see neighbors come by and marvel at the activities surrounding the Sanitation Project – a partnership of Joy2theWorld, Rotary International, Rotary Accra-West and U.S. Rotaries – as waste is taken to an official waste dump and a clean, flat area is appearing.  The project is approximately 90% complete […]