Many of us get caught up in the day-to-day activities that occupy our schedules but rarely fill our hearts. Then, some of us run for the magazine (short) version of “How to Find Happiness” because we don’t have time to read the long version… I am offering you an opportunity to get in A GAME […]

2 kids & a bunny!

Welcome to our preparatory school once again! We are so excited…though we are up to our elbows in dust! Our uniforms are yellow with yellow and white check. We needed “models” to show you our uniforms so Mohammed ran out to find a few kids to pose! (He is so anxious to see us progress […]

After studying all morning…there’s fun!

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After a morning of Math, English, Social Studies and more…the students gathered as they heard salsa music coming from the community room…what is this? Oh! It’s Francis Annan, a local salsa teacher here in OUR school to show us how to salsa!! Yeah! And of course, some things are universal…remember 7th grade?…well, first the girls […]

Students in Akatoshie, Ghana with Curious Minds (SENA)

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Many of us remember our first days of summer…sleeping in! or just hanging out with friends. But these kids volunteer to come to class and learn more! These are our Brilliant But Needy kids who choose to come for an extra month of classes in English, Math, Science & Social Studies to learn from university […]