A Way to Make a Huge Difference Here

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I saw a website this week with a brochure about volunteering in Ghana…we all had a laugh because it said “come to sunny Ghana” and yes, that is true! But sunny in only a part of it! Ha! Ghana is located in West Africa, a democracy noted for its Peace and great sports team (soccer)! […]

Help Wanted: Documentarian for Sanitation Project

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We are still looking… We are looking for someone interested in creating a documentary about our sanitation project (see previous blog and pictures). We believe that our project has the possibility of being a catalyst for change here in Ghana. With a documentary, viewers can be inspired to take action in their communities to remove […]


Welcome to our neighborhood! Yes, well Joy2theWorld’s office is located in Medie and both our preparatory school and our new construction site (future school) are also located in Medie – which makes us official! We call Medie our home! And of course, as official members of our community, Joy2theWorld is taking on the safety, health […]

Yes, we are building a school! See?!

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Hello Friends! Here with a current update on the school project that is a part of Joy2theWorld. We are very excited and we are working closely with Sparrow Engineering & Construction to build a strong, safe and secure environment for our “Brilliant But Needy” children to learn. Our initial Phase will be to prepare the […]