Thank you to all our 2012 donors and volunteers! We appreciate you…we couldn’t be here without you!

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Joy2theWorld Wishes All A Healthy & Prosperous New Year!…Celebrating with BOOKS! Thanks to Rotary!

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‘Tis the season to be hearing Merry Christmas! Afehyia Pa! (Happy New Year! sounds like “ah fishy ah pah”! Everyone is shopping for the holiday season and so our clients have used their micro loans to stock their shelves…ever ready to make the big sale! Provision stores (filled with canned goods, pasta, fresh eggs and […]


The dolls are adorable and very huggable! Just in time for Christmas! These little girls will make your little girls very happy! Each doll arrives with a name and story about their village in Ghana. These are purchases that will reduce poverty for children just like them, providing education and loans for their mothers. The […]

The Great Kitchen Experiment!

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Saturday morning a large school bus stopped at my home. Out poured 20 Home Economics students from a nearby school…all excited about preparing a dinner in a “modern” kitchen! It was about 50-50…girls to boys. They study home economics theory…one book. No room with equipment to practice. I met with the teacher and asked “what […]